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Ghost Hunting

Although Jack has had paranormal experiences since he was 9-years old, it wasn’t until 2009 that he became actively involved with a group of paranormal investigators called Arizona Ghost To Ghost. Jack was approached and asked to take some of them to the historic Silver King Mine to allow them to conduct paranormal research at the site of the old mine, and the Old Silver King Town site. Well, this sparked his interest and since then he has participated in numerous “ghost hunting” or paranormal experiences. The most recent “hunt” was during August 2010, on Friday the 13th. He saw, as well as documented, some “otherworldly spirits” and paranormal experiences at the Old town of Florence, Arizona. They included visual “entities” and lights that turned on in response to direct questions at the scene of a 1800s historic gunfight and an old 1800s jail where two holdup men were lynched.


This is the true story of Molly Bailey and Jack's audio recording and photographic evidence.  During a visit to the Old Silver King Hotel (now the Florence, Ariz. Court House. Jack recorded the voice of Molly Bailey and two ghost images of Molly and her lover. 

Mill Site Ghost Hunt

Background: During the 1950’s it is alleged that devil worshipers went to this site, with its abandoned concrete structures, and performed rituals which may have included killings. The story as related to me is that back in the 50’s a group of devil Worshipers went to the abandoned buildings to commit ritual killings in hope of gaining the trust of the devil. 


So Jack started stating woman’s names starting with names starting with the letter E. After exhausting all the E. names Jack suddenly said the name Edwina and all the lights on the meter lit up. As a result of a lengthy interview with “Edwina” Jack received many responses. “Edwina” stated that she was killed at this location during the 1950s. Just prior to each time the meter lit up Jack said he got goose bumps and the hair on his arms stood up. Tim came over and his meter also received several responses to the questions asked of “Edwina.” After about ½ hour the responses got weaker and finally stopped.

Ned Fales Ghost Story

Background: Several times over the years voices have been heard from the headframe/shaft area of the Silver King Mine


Investigative Notes: Several voices seemed to come from the old mine shaft. The K2 EMF Meters were activated for several minutes. It appeared that 10 entities from the 1880s and early 1900s were present in the shaft. Voice recordings were made also.

Silver King Hotel site: Fales O’Boyle Feud & Shootout


Background: Billy O’Boyle was the proprietor at a well-appointed hotel and restaurant at Silver King. In his eating-place O’Boyle had as one of his waitresses a young and good-looking Irish girl, of whom he thought a great deal; in fact O’Boyle was extremely jealous of any attentions paid by other men to the attractive waitress.


A frequent visitor to Silver King was Ned Fales, a cowboy. Ned Fales was a colorful cowboy, typical of the sort that is frequently found in sensational wild- west stories. He was handsome and educated and, despite the fact that he made it a common practice to ride into a saloon on horseback and shoot out the lights, he was a favorite among the women of the little town of Silver King, as well as among those living in the nearby town of Pinal. The pretty Irish girl (Katie) in O’Boyle’s restaurant held a high place in the esteem of the cowboy and the fact that she apparently thought very well of him may have had something to do with the animosity that that gradually came to exist between Fales and O’Boyle. At any rate, harsh words were exchanged.

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