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If a book is out of circulation, you may be able to find a copy at the Lost Dutchman Superstition Mountain Museum 480-983-4888 or

Available February 2016


Millsite Canyon Publishers


This is the ultimate in research fulfillment. Spanning more than 20 years of research and hands on inquiry. Beautifully bound and nearly 500 pages, the author evaluates all of the clues and the history behind the ongoing search for the Lost Dutchman's mine. A crowning achievement for any author, in 2015 Jack was the recipient of the prestigious Superstition Mountain Treasure Hunter of the Year Award for 2015, presented by the Superstition Mountain Victory Club of Arizona. This book will be recognized for ever as a master work of storytelling, facts, first hand accounts and evidence. It is a must for any fan of the legend.


Available by request or by visiting the Superstition Mountain Historical Museum or

The Superstition Cowboys and the ranches they worked on was a story that was waiting to be told. The first cowboys and their women were pioneers in a harsh desert mountain environment.  The women raised their children, and provided comfort to their men, while living in rough-hewn cabins, under harsh, primitive living conditions. Many of the early cowboys and vaqueros came from Texas and Sonora, bringing their longhorns and wild Mexican cattle with them.

The rough and tough cowboys of the Superstition Mountains came to Arizona Territory from all parts of America and from all walks of life, aspiring to be cowboys.  Some succeeded and fulfilled the dream.

This fascinating book covers an overview of the tales, legends and Treasure Trails of the Superstitions, from the early days of Spanish exploration through the 19th, 20th and 21st century searches for gold and silver and buried treasure. It contains many treasure maps, including the Jacob Waltz and Lost Dutchman Mine maps, Peralta Stone maps, Fish Treasure map, Ortiz Map, Peralta-Ruth maps, Weiser-Walker Weeden map, real gold and silver mining maps. It also contains a brief explanation of each map. Many men have searched the Superstitions and nearby mountains for wealth, but few have found it. Many have perished during their searches. Strange and weird things are said to have happened within these mountains. Those who have said they have found the Lost Dutchman's Mine have not lived to spend the wealth. The searches continue.!!!!








Fighting fierce Apaches and the heat, four prospectors barely eaking out a living on the Arizona Territory frontier find a fortune in silver. They discovered a “King” of a mine. In fact, they called it the “Silver King.” It soon became one of the most famous mines of Arizona. Its riches provided prosperity for many of Arizona Territory’s Pioneers. This mine was the catalyst that enabled settlement of east central Arizona Territory during the 1870s. The mining camps of Silver King and Pinal sprang up overnight to handle the flood of miners and speculators.

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The author compiled and updated this booklet during a period of 10 years of conducting research and lecturing on the Superstition Mountains. It was first primarily designed for students to acquaint them with the mountains and give an overview of many of the diverse types of legends and information written about these famous mountains. A formalized book has been written by the author and is in manuscript form. It also contains many personal experiences and photographs of the various famous and not so famous people of the mountains. The author gives first person descriptions of many of the canyons and trails taken during his hikes, horseback and 4-wheeling in the mountains. Jack San Felice 2003

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